Saturday’s Bonsai School

Taking time to draw breath today after a very busy club weekend. It was a horrible day weather wise but we all made the best of it and the feedback from members to date has been fantastic.

Peter did his usual opening hour talking with members about any issues they had experienced with their trees since the October session.

After a coffee break we had a session going into the why and how’s of creating Forest Plantings. After lunch Peter created a Forest of Spruce on a slab to finish off the day.

Here are some photos taken during the school.

Unloading the van in the dark.

Getting the goods set out for the off.

Opening remarks.

Michael claimed the prime seat beside the heater ;-) Sorry Mike, couldn’t resist.

New member Alan reads the handout. This will be added to our Bonsai Knowledge Page shortly.

Another new member joining on the day. Allen, on the right, came all the way from Dublin to join and take part in the school. That’s 3 members from Dublin in the NIBS now. Well 2 really as one’s in Dubai for a year or two.

Peter shows on his flip chart how he likes his pepperoni on a pizza. Other captions for this photo very welcome :-)

Peter shows how to prepare the trees for adding to the forest planting.

Pruning before placement.

Far too happy looking, things must be going well.

Everybody creeps up for a closer look.

Ian, the glamorous assistant.

A few final changes, after the moss has been added.

Stand back for a better look.

Take a walk in the forest.

The result. These are nursery stock Spruce acquired by Peter for the demo. The colour looks a little different in the larger trees. This will change this year with proper feeding for all the trees. The group will be staying in Northern Ireland as a club member decided to add it to their collection. Aftercare will be given by placing it in a poly tunnel for a few months to protect it from the elements.

Allen gets a quick chat before he heads to the train station for the Dublin Express.

More tomorrow showing the action from the Sunday workshop.