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  • Final School Bell Rings

    This weekend past saw us holding the last Bonsai School of 2014 and as it tuns out, the last Bonsai School in Partnership with Willowbog Bonsai. Peter Snart has decided to call it a day for a number of reasons bringing to an end 4 years of our Bonsai School in it’s current format. We…

  • School Days

    All set for the last Willowbog Bonsai School day of 2014. Looking forward to tomorrow, should be a great weekend.  

  • Back to School

    Summer’s over and schools are back, and so are we. The meeting tonight starts off the events for this Autumn, closely followed by the Belfast Parks Autumn Show next weekend at Botanic and then our Willowbog Bonsai School on the last weekend of September! It’s all go, looking forward to catching up with everyone tonight…

  • May Bonsai School Video

    If you didn’t make it to the May Bonsai School Weekend with Willowbog Bonsai, this is what you missed. [jwplayer mediaid=”3766″]

  • What a Weekend

    Last weekend was the first Bonsai School of 2014, year 4 of our partnership with Willowbog Bonsai. General opinion from those who attended , was that it was the best one so far. The addition of a clock in the garage helped keep things on track ;-) Sunday was a workshop, again one of the…