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  • Saturday’s Bonsai School

    Taking time to draw breath today after a very busy club weekend. It was a horrible day weather wise but we all made the best of it and the feedback from members to date has been fantastic. Peter did his usual opening hour talking with members about any issues they had experienced with their trees […]

  • Funtime Frankies Tunnel of Love

    Now that’s a catchy post title if I ever saw one :-) After all the recent chat about a harsh Winter approaching, I thought we would share these photos showing Frankies New Poly Tunnel and Heat Bed. Frankie & Phil are a father and son Bonsai tag team in our Society. Both were determined to […]

  • Feel Good?

    After our last post I thought I would share a link with you showing where Phil bought his Poly Tunnel. The┬ábenefits of having one of these for Winter protection of your trees can’t be over stated. Here’s a link to the site. Available in many sizes and at a very cheap price as well. And […]