Hugh Says Hello

I thought I would re-publish the comment below . Hugh W, one of our new members wanted to share his thoughts about his first day with the club. This just happened to be the October Bonsai School.

I really enjoyed the saturday workshop, I am quite a novice to the bonsai keeping world, I have kept a few bonsai in the recent years, i must have got the basics right as i suffered no loses even throught the latest bad winters. However, back to the workshop weekend, I only attended on the saturday. Peter snart from willowbog Bonsai was there, As far as i was concerned he really does know a wee bit about the art of bonsai styling [dangerous man with a chain saw] I also took the opportunnity to buy a couple of trees from Peter, quite well priced for good specimens. The char lady, which is Ian’s wife also helped to make the workshop a sucess as she worked hard to serve the lunch, Hope she doesn’t mind the title of char Lady, If she does that’s my bonsai career over before it even gets started :-). Have to add that i got some really good help and advice from a few good friends before i got to Ian’s garage workshop, hope that can continue in the future. Back to the workshop there were people there at all different levels in their bonsai hobby. They are always ready to offer advice and help, and what Guess what, For Free!Can’t wait for the next workshop, lots to Learn.

Don’t worry Hugh, I won’t tell the wife that you called here a char lady :-D and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read the either! Here’s a few photos from Hughs Garden this week.