Bonsai 30 – A visitors Experience

Just found this video on Youtube. A visitor to the exhibition sharing their experience, a nice overview.


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Bonsai 30 -Thank You

A massive thank you to all those who made this exhibition possible. There are too many to name and I’d be in fear of leaving someone out. So many tasks to cover over the the 5 days that it took to stage this event and our membership did us proud beginning to end. Building, stapling, clothing, stewarding, transporting, photographing, carrying, fetching, talking, wiring, styling, selling, moving, deconstructing etc. you are all gold star winners. As Chairperson I have already thanked individually everyone who helped, so you know who you are.

A big thank you to the public too. I know we had over 10,000 through on the Saturday alone and not one tree was damaged over the two days. Thank you for your respect.

A special thank you to all our visitors from overseas. Your efforts to join us are much appreciated.

We have lots of photos of the exhibits to follow during the week after our photographer gets time to process the shots. In the meantime I will share some of the roving snaps that Caroline, one of our members, took during the exhibition that help you get a feel for what the event was like.

Please share your photos of the event with us via our Facebook page or even the Bonsai 30 Event page on Facebook. If tweeting is your style then use #bonsai30


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All Set for Bonsai 30

The trees are in and we are ready for the public. Hope to see some of you tomorrow and Sunday. For those who can’t make it, there will be plenty of photos next week of the trees.

A few photos tonight under floodlight. Looks a bit moody.

dsc_0085-2 dsc_0086-2 dsc_0087-2 dsc_0088-2 dsc_0089-2 dsc_0090-2 dsc_0091-2


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Big Timber for Small Trees

Today was day 2 of the set up for Bonsai 30 Exhibition at Botanic Gardens Belfast.

Thanks to Eglantine Timber  our local supplier of wood and a sponsor for our event we were able to build our cloth framework today to create the best possible backdrop for our trees which arrive tomorrow. Here’s the story of the last 2 day in photos.

Bare bones to start with.


The start of the wooden framework.


A bit of head scratching…


to work..

dsc_0035 all angles.

dsc_0038 dsc_0040

The start of the cloth

dsc_0045-2 dsc_0046-2 Need a taller man for that job..dsc_0065-2

The moment you realise someone has cable-tied your shoe to the marquee.


Getting there


Ready for trees on Friday.

dsc_0081-2 dsc_0083-2

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Come See Us- Bonsai 30

All systems go for Bonsai 30 at Botanic Gardens in Belfast on the 17th & 18th September.

Belfast’s Lord Mayor,  Alderman Brian Kingston, got in on the act along with two members of the Japan Society for Northern Ireland, helping us promote the event. Bonsai was new to the Mayor, but he was enthusiastic about the event and also how we actually create these wonderful pieces of art.

Check back over recent posts for information on the event. It’s not just Bonsai, we are combining with Belfast Parks Autumn Fair, so there’s loads to see and plenty for the family to do. We are also right next door to the Ulster Museum, local shopping and bars and all the sights in Belfast.

We also have Ikebana exhibited by Ikebana International – Belfast Chapter and Japanese Calligraphy and Origami created by the Japan Society of Northern Ireland.

Come see us…..

Pic-1 Pic-32



Capturing the moment at a press session!

DSC_0074 DSC_0075


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