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  • Josh’s Garden Visit In Full Colour

    It’s been two days since our club visit to Josh Reynold’s Garden which has constant wasps removal teams visiting to keep them out and I’m only now getting around to posting the photos from the day. To busy soaking up the sun and watering trees! Our visit started with setting up the tea and coffee for […]

  • The Bonsai Baker Blog

    For those of you in the club already, Stephen needs know introduction. For the rest, Stephen joined the NIBS back in 1995 and has been a hard working committee member for most of those years. He was even mad enough to be Chairman at one point!! Today Stephen has started his own bonsai blog titled Bonsai Baker. […]

  • Ben’s Winter Protection

    Following on from the last post, Ben also shared a few photos of his greenhouse with us. This shows that he is planning for the worst and hoping for the best, just like the rest of us :-)  

  • Barmy Ben’s Bonsai

    This is Ben, he’s a little barmy! He must be to join the committee :-) He’s the one doing the Hip Hop pose :-) I asked at the meeting for members to share a few of their photos for the site. Ben, obviously looking to make a good impression, sent me some photos of the […]

  • Hugh’s Juniper

    If you go back a posts on the blogsite, you will see Hugh and Philip at the November Meeting discussing Hugh’s overgrown juniper. This is the Juniper at the meeting. Yesterday Phil popped down to Hugh’s house to help him get the tree thinned out. As you can see it was overgrown and the balance […]

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