Month: October 2011

  • Hugh Says Hello

    I thought I would re-publish the comment below . Hugh W, one of our new members wanted to share his thoughts about his first day with the club. This just happened to be the October Bonsai School. I really enjoyed the saturday workshop, I am quite a novice to the bonsai keeping world, I have […]

  • Welcome Aboard

    We like to welcome new members to the club by announcing it here. This month saw two more join our ranks. Welcome Alan McM and Hugh W. Alan has still to make it to his first meeting or event, we hope to see him there soon. Hugh has already made his presence felt, just ask Phil in […]

  • Feel Good?

    After our last post I thought I would share a link with you showing where Phil bought his Poly Tunnel. The benefits of having one of these for Winter protection of your trees can’t be over stated. Here’s a link to the site. Available in many sizes and at a very cheap price as well. And […]

  • Got the Message

    I think Phil got the message when Peter was talking about Winter protection at the recent Bonsai school. This tunnel has appeared in his Dad, Frankie’s Garden. Space cleared. Get ready easy :-) Frankie looks happy with the addition. A little Autumn colour beside Frankie’s Koi pond. The heartbeat of any gorgeous water feature is […]

  • October Club Night Review

    After the spacious hall last month, we were back in the small room again :-( We are working to make the bigger hall our new permanent home, but this isn’t as straight forward as we thought. We will have to take it month by month until we tie it down properly. It was a busy night as […]