Promoting the art of Bonsai in Northern Ireland


Our monthly meetings are currently held in one of the Fisherwick Presb. Church Halls at 2 Chlorine Gardens, Belfast BT9 5DJ.

This is the main gate leading to the carpark. This is on the Malone Road itself. If the barrier is down please wait and contact one of the members.

The Main carpark is to the left of the church and there is be plenty of space. There is also a smaller carpark to the right and rear of the church entered via Chlorine Gardens. This can be used by anyone with a lot to carry in.

We enter the building via these doors to the right side of the church is the opposite side to the carpark. When you come in go to the right and down a shirt hall to the Minor Hall to the rear. There are no steps or stairs.

If you are running late, or there is no one on the door when you arrive, do not worry. Press the bottom button and someone will open the door for you.