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  • Peter Warren Weekend

    Peter Warren Weekend

    On Friday 9th November we are delighted to have Peter Warren of Saruyama Bonsai back with us again and spending a weekend with Club Members. All starting onFriday the 9th @ 8pm Cregagh Youth and Community Centre, the evening will be open to all, members and non-members alike. If you are a member and attending,…

  • Josh’s Garden Visit In Full Colour

    Josh’s Garden Visit In Full Colour

    It’s been two days since our club visit to Josh Reynold’s Garden which has constant wasps removal teams visiting to keep them out and I’m only now getting around to posting the photos from the day. To busy soaking up the sun and watering trees! Our visit started with setting up the tea and coffee for…

  • The Darling Buds of May

    Our Hawthorn are flowering early this year, certainly the bonsai ones anyway. Here a few of those beautiful flowers to savour.

  • Members Bonsai – Hawthorn

    This is another one from Roy B’s collection. This Hawthorn was collected by Roy back in 2001/2. Yesterday it was in full flower.

  • Members Bonsai -Saturday Triple

    As it’s the weekend I thought I would show 3 today. All are From Stephen’s Collection. First up is an English Elm Next is an Ivy. and finally a Hawthorn.