Promoting the art of Bonsai in Northern Ireland

Tree 29: Scots Pine

dscf7961 screenhunter_246-sep-12-23-58 Tree Species: Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)

Owner: Frankie Donnelly Past member of NIBS

Potter if Known: Gordon Duffet

History: This tree started out as Yamadori (collected from the wild) in Scotland and was Sold to Phil Donnelly roughly 15 years ago and later gifted to Frankie Donnelly. The tree exhibits great age and indeed the styling of the image is reminiscent of an old Scottie image that can be seen in the landscape.

This tree was selected for Bonsai3o due to it’s age and quality.

screenhunter_247-sep-12-23-58 dscf1183 dscf3206