Tree 21: Scots Pine

dscf7940dsc_0105 Tree Species: Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) Owner: Ian Young - NIBS member since 1993 and current club Chairperson Potter if Known: Chinese History: This tree has been around! It's originated in Norway and made it's way to England through the hands of both Dan Barton and John Armitage. Marco Invernizzi is also meant to have styled it in the past. The tree was sold to Willowbog Bonsai by John Armitage and was bought by Ian in 2012. In 2013 Ian took the tree to a Ryan Neil workshop at Willowbog and it got it's mojo back. This tree was selected for Bonsai30 as a example of twin trunk style. Tree as bought in 2012 Smashed pot in high winds December 2012 2013 Workshop with Ryan Neil screenhunter_244-sep-11-23-20 After workshop Transferred into new pot    

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