Tree 18: Trident Maple Root Over Rock

dsc_0271dsc_0553 Tree Species: Trident Maple Owner: Ian Young - NIBS member since 1993 and current club Chairperson Potter if Known: Korean History: This is a tree with origins in Japan and was added to Ian's collection in 2011 after seeing it on the sale benches at Willowbog Bonsai. The tree is a beautiful example of Root over rock style.The pot was originally swapped for a Wallsall Ceramics pot but was changed this year to see if a shallower pot was a better option. This suits the tree well but a new higher quality pot is being planned for 2017. This tree was selected for Bonsai30 as a top example in Ireland of Root over Rock style. As bought in October 2011 New pot dsc_0544 Spring growthdsc_0004 dsc_0006 Autumn Colour dsc_0259 dsc_0028 Shallower pot dsc_0553

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