Tree 16: Itiogawa Chinese Juniper

dscf7988Tree Species: Itiogawa Chinese Juniper Owner: Phil Donnelly - NIBS member since 1994 and current Committee member. Potter if Known: Bejie History: This tree was spotted by Phil in  a bonsai nursery in Japan whilst on honeymoon in 2013. It made it's way back home and after quarantine Phil was able to start improving the image. Choices were made during a workshop with Peter Warren towards the end of 2013 and the work carried out can be viewed on the video below. The tree was recently repotted into a      pot. This tree was selected for Bonsai30 due to it's quality and maturity of foliage. Tree as seen in Japan and with the nursery owner. img-20160822-wa0003 img-20160822-wa0002 img-20160822-wa0013 After work. img-20160822-wa0010 img-20160822-wa0022

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