April Club Night – Oaks

We had a brilliant night this month studying various aspects of Oaks as material for bonsai.

The evening kicked off with a bit of chat and catch up between the members and an opportunity to swap or pass on any material they had brought with them for that purpose. Ian then inspired us all with his talk on Oak in nature as well as a critique of various Oak bonsai styles.

Some members had brought in their own Oak material at various stages of development. Ian discussed the different types of oak material, their history and suggestions for ongoing development.

It was great to watch as Ian took Gordon’s field grown Oak and step by step walked through each decision that needed to be made now, and why, to set it up for the best possible future as a bonsai.

And its not over yet… we look forward to Saturday 16th April at 10am when we will be taking a club walk in Belvoir Forest where there are a number of inspirational Oaks to study.