December Guest Speaker

KAREN O’HANLON is the founder of a microbiological based company called Probio Carbon Ltd. She has developed a range of bacterial, biochar, and seaweed-based products for use as biological fertilisers, as an alternative to chemical fertilisers. She has coordinated field trials across Europe using these products. Using her extensive knowledge in this field she has created a range of products specifically for bonsai and results have been extremely positive.

Karen will be with us on Friday 10th December at 8pm at Fisherwick Presbyterian Church Halls, Malone Road Belfast. She will be outlining the benefits of using bacteria to help grow our bonsai and will be open for any questions you might have.

To keep you informed in the meantime and to stimulate a few questions, here are some articles worth reading before attending.

Plant growth promoting bacteria – the future of horticulture? – Karen O’Hanlon

Growing pains for Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria – Dr Karen O’Hanlon

Bonsai in Ireland: A Very Bright Future – Michael Guerin & Dr. Karen

The following video includes an interview by Peter Warren with Karen. Feel free to watch the full live stream recording or skip to 49 minutes mark for Karen.

This video has Peter Warren taking you through some of the products available from Probio Carbon.