Bob Brooks – End of an Era


It is with great sadness that I share the news that Bob Brooks passed away on Monday morning.

Bob, a founding and honorary member of the Northern Ireland Bonsai Society was one of few true gentlemen I have ever known. Until ill health in recent years, he was a stalwart at our monthly meetings and a font of knowledge on all things horticultural. A published author of his own gardening book and a driving force behind nearly every Specialist Horticultural club in Northern Ireland, he has left a strong legacy.

He could always be easily spotted at any flower show, straight backed, cane in hand, often more for effect than for balance, and shoes so shiny you could shave in the reflection.

His witty quips will be sorely missed. When the topic at a meeting about 5 years ago mentioned the option to start bonsai from cuttings Bob was heard to say,” Cuttings! I don’t even buy green bananas!”

Heaven’s flowerbeds will now be colourful for sure. Rest in Peace Bob. You’ll be missed.


The boss