Big Timber for Small Trees

Today was day 2 of the set up for Bonsai 30 Exhibition at Botanic Gardens Belfast.

Thanks to Eglantine Timber  our local supplier of wood and a sponsor for our event we were able to build our cloth framework today to create the best possible backdrop for our trees which arrive tomorrow. Here’s the story of the last 2 day in photos.

Bare bones to start with.


The start of the wooden framework.


A bit of head scratching…


to work..

dsc_0035 all angles.

dsc_0038 dsc_0040

The start of the cloth

dsc_0045-2 dsc_0046-2 Need a taller man for that job..dsc_0065-2

The moment you realise someone has cable-tied your shoe to the marquee.


Getting there


Ready for trees on Friday.

dsc_0081-2 dsc_0083-2