Repotting Workshop

Thank you to all who supported our repotting workshop organised to raise some money for the club.

It was all a bit hectic on the day with just about every spare tub, basin, bucket or tray used to hold all the sieved mixes used by those taking part. We got a fair bit done on the day with some real tricky or bulky trees repotted. Here are a few general shots taken on the day.


Stephen and Drew shown below deserve special mention as they worked tirelessly to get the Beech trees ready for the April Auction.

DSC_0745 Robert Porch even came along to help out. A mind of bonsai knowledge, the perfect surprise guest to have there on the day. DSC_0746

Neil hard at work.DSC_0747

Our newest club member Bob working away. He also found out why we sieve Sanicat Pink outside ;-) DSC_0748

A beech going into it’s temporary home and another photo that looks as if Kris has been on the liquor the night before!DSC_0750

Amazing Nebari on Beech.DSC_0754

Yep these two are still at it….DSC_0757 Some people worked harder than others…. :-) DSC_0758

Ian B in his usual spot.DSC_0759