Return of the Men Who Never Came Back…

Friday’s meeting/workshop was a busy but quiet affair. Now I know that sounds like a contradiction but members brought trees to work on and were busy working away quietly on their trees.

DSC_0075 DSC_0077 DSC_0078

We saw the return of Brendan to the club meetings, great to see him back and that he’s been working away on his trees in his absence.  He brought two with him on the night. He even managed to win both ballot prizes on the night!! We also saw Adrian back again. I don’t care what you say Adrian, you were on the missing list ;-) He turned up empty handed but we can forgive that as he keeps everyone entertained!


Adrian in full flow
Adrian in full flow
Speak no See no Hear no


Phil did an interesting session with members in making then pick which branches to clear out of a yamadori Larch.


Michael was one of those quietly getting on with business, quiet being an unusual quality from him.

DSC_0079 DSC_0085

Neil was busy getting a little repotting done on an indoor tree. A fast worker as I missed the good bits.


Our youngest member Drew was there too and even though he turned up empty handed he always manages to walk away with a tree!

A productive meeting, great atmosphere, good company and good friends. What else do you want from a bonsai club? Perhaps not getting slagged off on the club blog afterwards :-)