Bonsai School 2015


Back by popular demand, we are running another Bonsai School in 2015 with the first session taking place on Saturday 7th February in Newtownards.

This year will be the first NIBS School without Willowbog Bonsai but we have a few things up our sleeve to make this an exciting and educational experience for all participants.

The first School will focus primarily on repotting but we will be looking at a few new aspects. This is an overview of the day:

Opening discussion on seasonal issues experienced by members – A great way to share experiences and deal with new issues.

Repotting Demonstration – Watch a step by step repotting of several trees at different points of development. This will show a well established tree and a tree having it’s root mass reduced dramatically.

Field Growing Bonsai – Josh Reynolds, probably the most experienced and successful at field growing trees for bonsai will be giving a presentation with examples of his work.

Collecting Yamadori – A presentation on how to collect different species, what to pot the on on collection and what after care is required to ensure survival.

Pot Selection – A powerpoint presentation on how to select a pot for your bonsai.

European Potters – A look at some of the best potters in the UK and across Europe.

Interested? drop me an email and get booked in.