Who is that tall stranger??

Friday night past was our February meeting and we had a tall blonde stranger in our midst. He proved shy at first. Can you guess who it is yet? DSC_0182 Still hiding from the camera... DSC_0183 There he is, young Jamie has made it back to a meeting. You were missed young man. We will forgive him for skipping a lot of meetings last year, his 9 A* AND 1 A in his GCSE's made up for that. He was disappointed with the A! He got stuck back in and helped a few members with their repotting. Good lad. DSC_0184 A smaller turn out as expected on a foul night combined with it being Valentines! Some brave men made the effort though :-) DSC_0179 A nice little flower on a Flowering quince at the meeting. Is Spring coming? DSC_0177 DSC_0178
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