Reblogged from Willowbog!

That’s me ready for the off in the morning. Ulster here I come ! It took longer today than anticipated choosing and loading trees to take.

Of the three visits that I make for the NIBS. Bonsai School each year this autumn trip is the one where it is a case of taking a little bit of everything , the spring visit focuses on pots and re-potting, the summer session I concentrate mainly on bonsai and when putting trees in the van today I tried to pick a range of raw material through to more developed bonsai.

Even so with a good selection of pots and growing mediums on board, the weight means that it is not about filling all available space , much as I am tempted to do that, if I did, the poor van would not move off the spot [ don’t worry Hugh , I had it across the weigh-bridge { not } and it is all legal and above-board ] Whether or not I have chosen well will be revealed by how much I bring back on Monday morning.

Going to be a great weekend amongst really enthusiastic bonsai folk !