Friday Night’s Meeting

A few days late due to some issues with posting to the site. Here are some photos from last Friday’s meeting. We had another good turn out and had plenty of room back in the big hall.

What a sorry sight! Our Treasurer with a sore paw and dear knows what’s going on with our Secretary!

John wiring, you can almost hear the concentration :-)

Jamie, our cameraman , even managed to get a photo of Harry, a real collectors item.  Geraldine looks as if she might be seconds from cuffing young Jamie’s ear for sticking a camera in her face. Who could blame her :-)

An obscured sighting of the lesser spotted Brendan, Phil without a two fingered salute and Bertie also taken unawares in a photo. The ultimate rare shot, well done Jamie.

Roy brought these two trees for some TLC. Both were in poor condition when bought from the previous owner and Roy has now started a bit of a rescue mission to get them back in shape.

Some baldy fella giving a hand.

and Phil back to form :-) Turrets with hand gestures that lad!

He even does it when he doesn’t see the camera!!

Must have been a bomb scare! The hall’s cleared!!

The only photo we missed was Jamie getting his eye drops in, now that would have been a belter :-D