May Bonsai School Weekend Gallery

Last weekend was the second of three bonsai schools being held this year in conjunction with Willowbog Bonsai

It was a roaster of a weekend with the sun beating down on the Green Isle for once. This led to some sun bathing of the human and dog kind as can be in the photos.

Peter had his work cut out for him, but as he’s immortal [or should that be immoral :-)] he coped with his usual panache. As a result of the weekend our members gained knowledge and even managed to introduce a few new trees to the Northern Irish climate.

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  1. Peter Snart says:

    That hopefully light-hearted remark re being ”immoral” reminds me of meeting some bonsai folk who really do seem to think that there is something wrong with actually trying to make a living from their hobby !! :-) Great couple of days as always, many thanks to NIBS for looking to advance bonsai knowledge for all involved , myself included !!

  2. Great couple of days as always, I really enjoyed it , many thanks to all involved, but particularly Bonsai Eejit and his missus who set up and host the whole thing !

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