Willowbog Sunday Workshop

Following on from yesterday’s post on the Bonsai School, here are some of the photos from the Sunday workshop. It was another cold day but everyone taking part in the garage got stuck in which helped to keep warm. The coffee also helped!

Talking through all the trees at the start of the workshop.

Stephen with the ever present cup of coffee in his hand :-)

and Phil the clown :-D

Some of the trees worked on during the day.

Hugh’s Scots Pine Before

Stan’s San Jose Juniper before deadwood work.

Hughs Trident Maple before repotting. Urgently needed to very old compacted akadama.

John’s Korean Hornbeam before repotting.

John’s Little Chamaecyparis before a repot.

and after

Ovidiu AKA Vlad’s Yew before some deadwood work.

Ben’s Berberis Clump before repotting.

Jamie’s Scots Pine before repotting.

and after

Some of Bob’s larch ready for creation of a group planting. I failed to get an after photo for this one :-(

Alan’s Spruce before branch selection and thinning out.

Stephen’s Maple Raft before thinning out

and after thinning out

Stephen drinking again.

Ben’s Beech Group getting put together.

Ian uses the force to move the trees into the right position.

Phil’s Hornbeam before thinning out.


A long tiring but fruitful day.