Bonsai School February 2012

This weekend is the first of our 3 Bonsai School Events in 2012.

Willowbog Bonsai will be here with the usual selection of bonsai related material for our members to avail of. The Sunday workshop is fully booked, but if you live local and want to take part in the school on Saturday, why not join the club and come along for a look.

Full details about the school can be viewed from the page tab above.

This is the venue all ready for the off on Saturday morning.

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  1. Hugh Wilkinson says:

    Just want to say how much l enjoyed the sat/sun workshop,Personally I got a lot out of it,I think it is always better to have a practical demo,it’s much better that reading books. The Theme on group planting was very interesting and ended up with a brilliant Forest Planting,I have been to a few magic shows in my time where the magic man made things dissapear,The magic men we had on saturday made things APPEAR ,Out of plastic crates and cardboard boxes they created a complete forest, One would have though it grew there, Quite brilliant,This forest looked so well it has been given a good home in the province,Needless to say Mr.Snart was quite happy to know that the forest would not be going back to England with him,So have to say that Peter and Ian made a very good double act in createing the the Forest.{check the pics.}I personally owe a big thanks to Phlip as he helped me bigtime to wire the tricky bits of a very old scots pine that i brought along to the workshop,Ian aslo chipped in so we would get it finished on the day,Peter Snart made a excellent effort to style the pine,This is the first time any sort of styling has been done on the tree for many many years,We all think it looks quite well for now and we will now keep on top of the tree to get it into better shape.Last but not least a big thanks to Ian and his wife for the steady supply of food,tea and coffee, And of course the Venue, THANKS.

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