January 2012 Meeting Review

Last nights meeting saw 22+ members in attendance. It’s as well we were in the bigger hall!

We had a very productive workshop, the main feature of which was Larch. The notion of having a themed workshop was well received.

Our new Table Top Exhibit was also well supported by members. The idea behind this is to  get more members to bring trees for display and get a few, who didn’t bring a tree, to pick a best tree on the night. It was great to see a crowd giving the trees the once over and discussing the plus points for each one. When I saw this, I knew the objective of the exhibit had been achieved.

The biggest pat on the back for the evening has, without doubt, got to go to Ian Bridgett. As treasurer, he was up to his eyes collecting in Membership for 2012 and also collating the numbers for the fast approaching Bonsai School with Willowbog Bonsai.

Here are a few photos taken on the night.

Far too much smiling going on here! Must be Phil or Hugh telling storied again :-)

Graham assisting Ben F to wire his Larch.

Ronnie getting stuck into a future cascading Juniper. Jamie working away on his Larch.

Some of the trees brought along for the exhibit table.

Graham’s Crape Myrtle

Graham’s Cotoneaster, I think!

Ben F’s Maple

Hugh’s Birch Root over Rock.

Roy B’s Raulii and the tree voted best on Table.

Davy’s Yew

I have absolutely no idea what is going on here!! :-) Captions welcome…

Some of the Larch being worked on. Notice that Ian B  is only a blur in the background, a busy man. We’ll make it up to you Ian :-)

Roy C’s Larch.

Roy C’s Larch group.

Phil has been at his work again. This is a rare variety Zelkova Spruce :-D