AGM 2011

Friday was our AGM and I am please to say that the following people will be your Committee for 2012.

Chairman: Ian Y

Secretary: Graham H

Treasurer: Ian B

Committee: Roy B, Davy O, Philip D, Stephen D, Brendan McL, Adrian McS, Ben F.

A big welcome to Ben who has joined the Committee this year. Once the business was out of the way, we still managed to back to more important things, namely Bonsai.

Philip showing Hugh how to clear out the structure with the branches on a Zelkova. Far to happy looking this lot!!

Ian showing Ben a few options on a Hawthorn and then on John’s Hornbeam.

Michael snapping away.

Ian and Phil showing a few options with trees. We weren’t able to do too much hands on due to time restraints after the AGM.

Time to chat and check out a few trees around the room.