Funtime Frankies Tunnel of Love

Now that’s a catchy post title if I ever saw one :-)

After all the recent chat about a harsh Winter approaching, I thought we would share these photos showing Frankies New Poly Tunnel and Heat Bed.

Frankie & Phil are a father and son Bonsai tag team in our Society. Both were determined to make the most of Winter Protection this year by erecting a 4m Poly Tunnel. Not satisfied to leave it at that, they went that extra step and built a heat bed for the trees as well. Here’s the story in Photographs.

The erection of the Tunnel can be seen HERE

The next step was gathering up the required equipment for the heat bead.

Transportation of Perlite

Heating Cable

Therma TilesPlastic lined wooden FrameFirst Layer of PerliteCable down and second layer added and watered in.First trees settled in for the Winter

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  1. Hugh Wilkinson says:

    I have been to see this setup of phillips and it looks even better in the flesh,as the saying goes seeing is believeing but feeling is the gods honest truth, Only thing i have to say is that i hope he never needs it,If he does then god help the other wee trees that will not have the luxury of a heated indoor shelter over the winter, still better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, Thanks for the look around, see ya.

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