Are You Prepared?

Everyone is busy getting on with all that life throws at them. It’s easy to keep putting off those tasks that should have been done. One of these is sorting out the Winter Protection for your bonsai. This photo shows this time last year.

Are you ready for this now? A cold period is just setting in with Snow in Scotland and probably moving this way over the next few weeks. Take what steps you can to protect your more delicate or recently worked on trees. Don’t take my word for it, watch this …

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  1. Hugh Wilkinson says:

    Yes this is a very timely reminder to have the longjohns standing by to keep ourselves warn against the winter chills,This is very true for ourselves, we can put on a exrta layer to preserve the heat,But remember it’s our duty to dress up our trees to protect them from the icey winds,They cann’t go to the bottom drawer to get the winter woolies, so provide what shelter you can,Make sure you protect them from icey winds which are very destructive, Just looking at ian’s photo made me run outside to make sure it hadn’t started to snow,Can you believe that photo is a year old.

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