Some photos from Last Night’s meeting

Our first meeting back after our Summer break saw us in yet another room! Are only real complaint after moving to the Cregagh Youth & Community Centre, was the tight fit in the room. I turned up early last night and I made a few enquiries with staff. Low and behold another room was and will be available for us. It’s 4 times the size and right beside the kitchen :-) We would encourage our members to come along to the next meeting to enjoy the space :-D

The meeting itself strayed from the usual format. Most of the trees brought by members where there for advice only. We decided to talk through these as a group. John C brought a little Chamaecyparis Obtusa Nana picked up at a garden Centre sale bench for a tenner. What a bargain. As it was a small tree we styled this while talking through each decision in the process.

Here’s a few photos. Someone tell Roy to sit down before he falls off that chair!!

Ian wiring John’s little Chamaecyparis

After a basic styling.

Don’t ask me what this is! It’s on the tip of my tongue :-)

Ben F’s little Potentilla gets discussed.

Davy O’s cracker little Juniper gets a slight pinching. Deserves a decent pot next year.