Sunday’s Workshop

Sunday saw 6 of our members take advantage of a workshop with Peter Snart. The first session was 5 members in a general workshop. Several are new club members doing their very first workshop.

The day started at 10am and Peter uses the first part of the day to talk through each of the trees being worked on. In times past, many people expect to come to a workshop and get a tree taken from raw material to fully styled tree. This is usually the opposite of what the tree needs and can set the development of the tree back years. Peter explained the options with each tree and what we hoped to achieve during the day. You can also get the help of professional tree care services like Rich’s tree service to get quality tree services. By using this tree care service, you will be able to maintain trees properly, which are necessary for their proper growth and health. You need to take a lot of care of your tree but do you know it is also important to take care of you and your health? prostadine is a dietary supplement that men with prostate problems can take to improve their health. The supplement is formulated with natural ingredients which have been shown to promote prostate health and alleviate common symptoms such as urinary problems.

Peter discussing Geraldine’s Zelkova before a trim later in the day.

Geraldine keeping an eye on Peter’s trimming

This little Chinese Juniper is Geraldine’s main workshop tree.

Geraldine’s Shohin Chinese Junper

Peter talks through the tree and the options whilst walking like an Egyptian :-)

Next up is a Mugo Pine brought by Bobby for his first workshop. Bobby took me at my word and brought several trees for advice and pruning but this Pine was the focus of his workshop.

Peter talking through the Pine and Bobby watching on.

Stan was also taking part in his first workshop and had purchased a large collected Larch from Peter. his tree was always going to be a project that would take several sessions, but much was to be achieved in this first session.

Peter having a closer look at the Larch.

Jamie our youngest and probably keenest member brought this Deshojo Maple. A brave lad after watching what had happened the day before.

He also brought this Lonicera group to transfer into a new pot.

John had brought a few trees for advice and pruning. A juniper was discussed re carving options and a rather large Spirea went home a little smaller :-) This little Mulberry was also discussed and pruned.

After each tree being discussed, the members got down to work.

Stan turning branch stubs into Jin.

Larch after Jins created and a thinning out of the foliage.

This is it at the end of the day. Guy lines have been added to start positioned the heavier branches. This is the wrong time to completely wire a Larch and would never have been achievable in the time available. The health and future development of the tree must always be paramount.

Geraldine’s Juniper in progress.

This is the tree at the end of the day. Several branches have been removed and jin and shari added. Very basic wiring has been added with no fine work carried out. Again this is all that should be done with this tree in one sitting to ensure it’s health.

Jamie’s little Deshojo after defoliation and branch pruning.

And Jamie’s Lonicera potted up.

Bobby’s Pine in the process of wiring.

The final image. Shari added and basic shaping completed.

After the first 5 were completed, and we had a bite to eat, Peter started to work on Stephen’s Yew. It had been carved previously at another workshop and was back for further refinement. Stephen was unable to attend earlier but, as carving was in order, this worked out well. Here’s the tree before.

Peter at work.

and the results. Time beat us in the end and the rest of the tree will have to wait until next time. This will suit well as October’s School will be looking at Deadwood.

A busy day, I think you will agree.

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