May Meeting Madness!!

I think the title says it all. Our May meeting tonight was a packed house, about 30 people, with 3 New members on the night. Welcome Stan, Ronnie and Robert.

I was that busy, I hardly had time to get the camera out! In fact the only quiet spell was when Jordan announced an impromptu car boot sale and everyone ran outside  :-)

Philip uses a bonsai book to justify what he's about to do to Roy's tree :-)
Stan and Eddie decide who's going to make a run for it with Harry's Deshojo. Harry, as usual, has ducked out of every single photo
Checking out some of the car boot buys
Figs, Chinese Cork Bark Elms, Pyracantha, Maples, Berberis, Larch, Red bull!!!
Roy B takes the jacket off ready for action.
You let Phil do what to your tree!!!!!