Tonight’s Meeting

Tonight’s Bonsai meeting/workshop saw members brave the torrential rain to make it to the centre. Numbers were slightly down due to the weather but there was still plenty of trees being worked on.

I managed to scare the life out of Graham with the camera flash while he was working on his literati Juniper.

Phil doing his usual quasimodo impression for the camera. Brendan watches on bemused :-)

Mervyn’s little Cork Bark Elm getting a tidy up and a thinning out.

Here’s Bob, our oldest member, imparting some of his considerable horticultural knowledge to Phil and Brendan. After everyone had been trying to figure out what the black mould was on the pine, Bob steps in with the exact name of it and gives a simple solution to how to get rid of it.

These two eejits are our youngest members.

Tonight was the first time that Jamie and Matthew were at the same meeting and a friendship seems to have been struck. Thanks to Matthew, we’ll have to buy more biscuits!

Ben wonders at Grahams choice of Checked shirt :-) I just love making up captions for these photos.

I’ve noticed that one or two members are camera shy. I wonder why?