Oh to be a Landscape Gardener

We have 2 landscape gardeners in the club and turning up with great material seems to the norm. It’s amazing what people want pulled out of their garden and dumped and I feel Urban Yamadori is a great way to get quality material into you collection.

A few of us got together on Friday and Ben F turned up with these among others. First up is a Juniper salvaged from a garden three years ago. It was repotted at a new angle to produce a semi cascade with a beautiful heavy base. These are before pics, I forgot to get an after one.

Next Ben brought in a Berberis clump. It started off with nine trunks that were reduced to six a few years ago. After some serious turntable spinning and discussion it was reduced to the final three. It has a beautiful spreading base and I look forward to seeing this one develope over the next few years.

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