Shameless self-promotion?

Some might call it shameless self promotion but I thought I would share a link to my new personal Bonsai Blog/Diary.

I have enjoyed adding to the club site for the last 8 months, but felt that I had more to say about bonsai This didn’t always sit in a club context. I therefore took the plunge and started my own blog were I will be adding all of my future bonsai experiences. I have kept bonsai records over the years and on a few occasions, lost them in computer crashes. Therefore, I think an online record is the way to go, and what better way than a blog that can be viewed by everyone.

If you click on the image below you will be transported to the ‘bonsai eejit’ blog.  After 17 years in bonsai I have much to share and even more to learn so please give it a look and feel free to leave comments. If you like it, bookmark me and call back again.



NIBS Chairman