Saturday’s Bonsai School in Review

I feel a bit of an imposter writing a review for Saturday. For personal reasons I was unable to be there. I do however have some photos from the day and have been speaking to some of the members who attended for feed back.

The day started out at 9am with an hour set aside for members to look through the material that Peter had brought over from Willowbog.

The school bell rang at 10am and everyone took their seat to listen to Peter talk on many subjects related to, and including, repotting. Before Peter came over he was worried that he might not be able to talk long enough on the subjects he had planned for the day. His wife Jean knew that wouldn’t be a problem. She has to listen to him everyday :-)

One thing that can be garanteed with Peter is his fantastic knowledge of trees and how they grow. Many of those attending commented to me about this.

To illistrate the finer points of repotting Peter demonstrated how to repot a Trident Maple that he had brought along for the purpose. The day was meant to finish at 5pm but some people got detention and stayed until nearly 6pm.

The handouts used by Peter will be added to the Knowledge Section of this website. The majority of members attending were beginners and all said they learned a lot on the day. I did speak to a few of the more experienced people to gauge their learning and they really enjoyed the day. They said it  helped to recap the basics and on many occasions new information was gleaned. It can be these details that improve your trees.

Workshop review tomorrow. Stay tuned….