It’s been a strange Winter with the extra cold weather and now some trees are coming into bud early. This means that some repotting can be started as long as precautions are taken with after care.

Flower Buds swelling on a Fuji Cherry
Swelling buds on a Trident Maple

This Hawthorn Raft was repotted today by Stephen

Stephens Raft before repotting
Guy Wires removed
Stephen braving the gale force winds to water in the tree.

and after a few alterations and repotting. Work still required on deadwood. Moss added to keep mix mounded up around root base.
This root over rock Common Juniper also got a repot. Changed from a slate to a pot.
In it's new pot. It will be given time to settle into its new home before styling, probably in 2012

360 views of both the raft and Root over rock Juniper and be found here

Stephens 360 Gallery