Friday Night workshop

Some of the club members got together last night for a workshop and Craic. Here’s some of the trees brought along.

Ben's Crab Apple


Ben Repotting Maple

Harry's White Pine

Harry's Juniper in for some major changes this year.

Mariusz Putting his Maple Group Together

Mariusz's 21 trees at the end of the night.

Stephen's Hawthorn Raft

Our Youngest member Jamie's Fir. All his own work. Well done Jamie.

Jamie's Korean Fir after a few tweaks and a repot.

Jamie brought this Juniper to work on

This is how it looked at the end of the night. The same lessons you learn with big trees can be applied on the small ones too.

Phil helping Harry repot a sick Common Juniper, the usual charming smile for the camera :-)

Ian B repotting a Cotoneaster but always keeping an eye on the other action taking place.

Ben's Juniper Squamata brought along for advice. Looking forward to this one developing this year.

A good night

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  2. phil says:

    yet again a great night with some cracking trees turning up look fordward to next monts to get bit of carving done !!

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