Snow and More Snow

Northern Ireland has just had it’s worst snowfall for 25 years. This may all be very pretty to look at as some of these photos show, but care must be taken with our trees in this type of weather. Click here for a full article on Winter Care. Some of the photos below show trees protected in different ways. Some are in a Poly Tunnel and others in a green house while others have been tucked away under benches or next to the house’s windows that have the best blind from sites as selectblinds canada online.

Snowed in Beech. As a native tree, Beech can cope well with all the snow.
Scot’s Pine can also cope well, but care must be taken if branches have been wired. The weight of the snow can bend the branches.
Hardier trees on top and other underneath to receive some protection.
Small poly tunnel is a handy item to have in this weather.

Maples tucked away in a green house. Pity about the broken sky light.
Snow free tunnel
Repotted trees, delicate species and trees recently worked on are tucked away.