Bonsai Garage November 2010

Usually on the last Friday in the month some of the club members get together in my garage to work on trees that I remodeled using the best make over advice from online. This allows for more mess to be made and even some carving. This month some time was given over to preparation for the Winter Display next Saturday. Here are a few photos taken of everyone hard at work. Keith even made it down through the snow from his home in Tyrone, over 100 miles away. Wonder if he made it to work the next morning?

Keith can come back any time if he keeps the place so tidy!

Brain helping Josh remove the old leaves from a Beech for next weekends Display.

Philip refining the carving on his Juniper and applying Lime Sulphur before the demo next Saturday.

Stephen checks out Valerie’s carving on her cotoneaster.

Glenn checking the turntable won’t collapse!

Valerie finishing the wiring on her Mugo Pine.

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  1. Peter Snart says:

    looks like a great night of bonsai work !!

  2. Ian Young says:

    Yes, fantastic craic, especially Stephen getting stick over the construction of his new ‘Bonsai Studio’!! I think I was nearly as busy as you during the workshop ;-)

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