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  • Peter Warren Weekend

    On Friday 9th November we are delighted to have Peter Warren of Saruyama Bonsai back with us again and spending a weekend with Club Members. All starting onFriday the 9th @ 8pm Cregagh Youth and Community Centre, the evening will be open to all, members and non-members alike. If you are a member and attending, […]

  • Ben’s Winter Protection

    Following on from the last post, Ben also shared a few photos of his greenhouse with us. This shows that he is planning for the worst and hoping for the best, just like the rest of us :-)  

  • Are You Prepared?

    Everyone is busy getting on with all that life throws at them. It’s easy to keep putting off those tasks that should have been done. One of these is sorting out the Winter Protection for your bonsai. This photo shows this time last year. Are you ready for this now? A cold period is just […]

  • Funtime Frankies Tunnel of Love

    Now that’s a catchy post title if I ever saw one :-) After all the recent chat about a harsh Winter approaching, I thought we would share these photos showing Frankies New Poly Tunnel and Heat Bed. Frankie & Phil are a father and son Bonsai tag team in our Society. Both were determined to […]

  • Feel Good?

    After our last post I thought I would share a link with you showing where Phil bought his Poly Tunnel. The benefits of having one of these for Winter protection of your trees can’t be over stated. Here’s a link to the site. Available in many sizes and at a very cheap price as well. And […]