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  • Peter Warren Weekend

    Peter Warren Weekend

    On Friday 9th November we are delighted to have Peter Warren of Saruyama Bonsai back with us again and spending a weekend with Club Members. All starting onFriday the 9th @ 8pm Cregagh Youth and Community Centre, the evening will be open to all, members and non-members alike. If you are a member and attending,…

  • Hugh Says Hello

    I thought I would re-publish the comment below . Hugh W, one of our new members wanted to share his thoughts about his first day with the club. This just happened to be the October Bonsai School. I really enjoyed the saturday workshop, I am quite a novice to the bonsai keeping world, I have…

  • Deshojo Update

    Here is the Deshojo Maple from the last post today after a trim.

  • Members Bonsai – Deshojo Japanese Maple

    Today we are showing Roy B’s Deshojo Maple is it’s beautiful Spring colour.

  • Members Bonsai – Japanese Maple

    We are revisiting a maple that I posted here last month as it is now out in full leaf. When I shared this one from Roy C last month I had the impression that it was actually smaller than it actually is. These shots show the scale to better effect. What a beautiful tree..