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  • All Set for Bonsai 30

    The trees are in and we are ready for the public. Hope to see some of you tomorrow and Sunday. For those who can’t make it, there will be plenty of photos next week of the trees. A few photos tonight under floodlight. Looks a bit moody.  

  • Big Timber for Small Trees

    Today was day 2 of the set up for Bonsai 30 Exhibition at Botanic Gardens Belfast. Thanks to Eglantine Timber  our local supplier of wood and a sponsor for our event we were able to build our cloth framework today to create the best possible backdrop for our trees which arrive tomorrow. Here’s the story […]

  • Come See Us- Bonsai 30

    All systems go for Bonsai 30 at Botanic Gardens in Belfast on the 17th & 18th September. Belfast’s Lord Mayor,  Alderman Brian Kingston, got in on the act along with two members of the Japan Society for Northern Ireland, helping us promote the event. Bonsai was new to the Mayor, but he was enthusiastic about […]

  • Last Chance for Bonsai 30 Clothing

    Last call for anyone wanting to purchase Bonsai 30 branded clothing for the main event on 17th & 18th September 2016. Each item will be embroidered with the logo shown below. Available are Beanie hats at £10 each. black only T-Shirts at £13 each or Polo Shirts at £15 Available in black or white. Quality Regatta […]