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32 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Jonathan Mullan says:

    Hi there I was hoping to get signed up before your club meet this Friday so I can attend I’m fairly new to bonsai and don’t know much Pete has been chatting with me said this club was here

  2. Good Morning,

    I was just wondering where i could purchase bonsai in NI ? There doesn’t seem to be a dedicated Bonsai nursery here unlike UK. So it looks like to be a garden centre ‘save’ to start.

    Thank you

  3. Mark says:

    Hi I have a Japanese elm that seems to be dieing the top of the trunk is brown beneath the bark but green lower down and still has some new growth I’m hoping for some info on what to do to save it. Thanks very much

  4. Charles McKaig Savage says:

    Good day to you,

    I am interested in attending your monthly meeting as I would be interested in growing bonsai trees. Would it be possible for me to come along to the June meeting, I would really love to at5end the May meeting however I will be in Dingle on that date.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Gina says:

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  6. Sir, I have two neglected 30 year old bonsai trees from seed. They need pruning heavenly. I am afraid I don’t have the skill for this but wish to learn. Would any of your members be willing to show me how to do this. I appreciate this is a big ask, if there is a cost in this that is fine. I know if I try to prune them I will make a mess. I am willing to travel.

    Kind wishes Michael

  7. Libby Carroll says:

    Ihave a selection of Bonsai reference books which are no longer needed & would be happy to donate them to the Society. They would have to be collected & I live in the Ballymena area.

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  9. sean magee. says:

    i am a complete beginner on bonzai ,having attempted it in years past only to kill them all with kindness. I would enjoy going to one of your meetings if its possible to gain some hints and knowledge and possibly join the club.I am a retired pensioner and i would love to start learning the right way of doing it.

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  11. Neil Wallace says:

    I have many bonsai containers and drip trays which you can have if you wish.
    I am no longer able to do all my hobbies, bonsai, primulas auriculars, lewisas and koi.
    So, if you want for the club, please contact me.

  12. annemcgarrity says:

    I would love to buy a few bonsai trees. Can you recommend trees for complete novices who do have an interest in gardening.

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  14. Alasdair says:

    Hi, I’m moving to NI for a job and would like to bring my trees over from GB. Are there issues with this from a phytosanitation/disease perspective? I have a scots pine, a couple of larch and an oak.


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  17. Tom Buick says:

    Hi, I’ve just started off in Bonsai and would like to attend your next meeting. Can you let me know when this is?

  18. Anne McGarrity says:

    Hello just wondered when your next meeting is? I would like to purchase a few indoor bonsai trees but would need guidance on this matter.

    Kind regards

    anne McGarrity

  19. Steve says:

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  21. James Summerville says:

    hi i am just trying to find out how & when i might purchase trees from your next auction. many thanks james summerville. 07810 608040

  22. Joyce Ancher says:

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  23. John oakton says:

    This is a message for Stephen Dodds , my name is john oakton and lived in Sheffield now living in Thailand , I am confused about your maple raft information because I created that raft originally then sold it on .i bought the tree as an import from Holland as a garden tree then made into an upright style bonsai ,it was eventually made into a raft to disguise its inverse taper . I just thought you would like to know a little more of the trees history .its nice to see the tree again and hope you enjoy it ,if you want to email me you are welcome . I have lived in Thailand since 2006 and all my trees were sold before I left but can’t remember who bought it , but I new peter snart very well and he did buy some of my trees . Kind regards John Oakton

  24. James McCreight says:

    Hi there,

    I am just wondering where I could purchase Bonsai in Belfast/Lisburn area.

    Kind regards,

  25. Elvis Donoghue says:


    I have a question, i see a lot of items on this site, I have made a screenshot of some products, that you also sell in your store. But there products are 28% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your shop, is it the quality or something else, I hope you can answer my question.

    Elvis Donoghue

    “Sent from my AndroidPhone”

  26. James says:

    Hi – would you be able to tell me where to get a bonsai tree for my dad for Christmas?



  27. Philip cotter says:

    Hi, I’m.looking to purchase a Bonsai tree, I previously had 2 many moons ago S a hobbies, but I can’t find a locations in NI that sell them, would be be able to advise of anywhere? I didnt think the UK sites are currently delivering to NI



  28. Roger Jolley says:

    Hi John. Roger from Stocksbidge. I’m happy to see to see you are doing well and achieving your dream of being up there at the top of your field. I still have some of your stuff from your days at High Green and they are doing well. Keep up the good work old pal. Regards Roger

  29. Margaret McCord says:

    Hello & please help if you can,
    I am moving back to NI from Darlington in June. I have a few Bonsai trees/friends that I want to bring with me by car. They have never been shown and I am not a member of a local society here.
    Will Brexit let me bring ‘show plants’ over?
    Regards Margaret

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