Club Garden Visit

On Saturday 14th August NI Bonsai Society members are invited along to the garden of Ian Young in Newtownards.

Starting at 1pm those attending can drop in during the day and walk the garden and check out Ian’s collection of bonsai. Ian will be giving mini tours of the benches talking about the trees, accents and elements of the gardens design.

There will be a basic BBQ for those who want to grab ma burger or hotdog and beer for those how can and wish to partake.

For further details please contact Ian via email

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2 Responses to Club Garden Visit

  1. Una Elliott says:

    Ian your garden is looking amazing!
    I could not start to imagine how many many hours of work went into this.
    Can I nip over & have a quick peep on Sat.
    Kind regards
    Una Elliott

  2. John Lambe says:

    Gets better every time I visit. It’s an inspiration and a credit to you. Not forgetting Alisons excellent watering and everything she does to make everyone feel welcome at workshops, study groups and more recently the highly enjoyable club open day.

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