Trip of a Life Time

One of our Club members was lucky enough to holiday in China last year and shared a few photos with us of the sights on his visit. Bonsai just sitting on the street and some nice garden displays. I have shared these here for you to see.

Thanks Neil, Japan next time? ;-)

PIC_0780 PIC_0822 PIC_0823 PIC_0824 PIC_0825 PIC_0826 PIC_0827 PIC_0828 PIC_0829 PIC_0833 PIC_0834 PIC_0838 PIC_0839 PIC_0845 PIC_0846 PIC_0893 PIC_0887 PIC_0888 PIC_0889 PIC_0896 PIC_0897 PIC_0901


PIC_0902 PIC_0900 PIC_0899 PIC_0898 PIC_0890 PIC_0886 PIC_0882