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For the first time at an event we used a visitors book. As part of our application for funding we had to outline how we would evaluate the Exhibition. One of these was to ask visitors what they thought. Below are the completed pages from the book with only the house numbers removed from the addresses.

You can see that the book was a popular addition for visitors allowing them a change to tell us what they thought. It gives a good insight into how many locals attended and how many tourists popped in. We have visitors from all over Europe as well as USA and Japan!

It also shows what a young crowd was attracted to theexhibit in what proved to be a perfect location. Of course young people can be a little ‘Random’ in their comments but this kind of captures the feel of the show as well.

I have my own favourite comment, what’s yours? Let us know.











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  1. Had to say we really enjoyed it learnt a lot tempted to buy one now so thank you all brilliant day.

  2. Good to hear Catherine thanks for the feedback :-)

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