We Survived the 13th!

Well, that’s our club meetings over until September. Friday’s meeting, despite the date, was a great night with plenty going on.

We were delighted to have Brendan with us from Cairns in Australia. A bit far to come for a meeting granted but he was able to make it coincide with a trip home to visit family here.  ;-)

Here’s a few quick snaps taken on the night. Neil asked to make sure he was in one of the photos to prove to his wife that this is where he actually was on the night! :-D

It’s all happening here…


DSC_0181 Phil showing his sore paw in his usual manner :-) Mrs Boulton, that’s Neil back right lol

DSC_0182 DSC_0183 DSC_0185

Brendan on the far left below paying close attention. Great to have you with us Brendan.


Kris in extreme pain, sometimes bonsai can make your brain hurt :-)


Bob and Harry putting the world to rights.

DSC_0189 DSC_0190

See you all in September. If you want another fix of bonsai before then, why not pop down to Balbriggan for the Leinster Clubs first meeting on the 27th June.  I’ll post information this week regarding the Rose Show dates and times for those wanting to visit or exhibit as well.