September Meeting – New Members!

The person I felt sorry for last night at the meeting was Ian Bridgett our Treasurer. As well as having to collect in the workshop money for Peter Warren next month, he was over run with people wanting to join the club!

Nick A and John McP were at their first meeting having joined during the Summer. Welcome aboard chaps.

We also had 3 other joiners on the night from another club. Welcome Sharon, Billy and Desi.

Another new member, previously unconnected was Ann R. Welcome Ann, I know you were going home to look up our website :-)

Gary M was also at his first meeting and is away home with his membership form to fill out. See you in October Gary.

The biggest surprise of the night, to the point were he got a round of applause, was meeting Piotr. Piotr had emailed me asking if he could pop along to the meeting. I thought he lived locally. Turns out he lives in Cork! That’s a 540 mile round trip! Piotr is keen to be involved in the New ‘Bonsai Ireland’ Club being set up at the moment. It was great to see such enthusiasm. Hope it was worth the trip!

Here’s some photos from the evening. Please note the ones of Ben F slacking. His phone was far more important that the tree ;-)

Jamie, where were you, thought you were coming :-)